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The ship’s designers planned three elevators — each capable of carrying 50 tons — to move aircraft to and from the cavernous hanger deck. “They wouldn’t spend themselves into oblivion to keep up with the Joneses, and as a great land power, they obviously had enormous claims on their resources to fund the army and air force.Plus, the carrier would have had helicopters for search-and-rescue work and anti-submarine warfare missions. Naval War College, explained that the Soviets wanted to create a defensive “blue belt” in their offshore waters. Russia could defend the homeland while providing safe patrol areas for ballistic-missile subs performing nuclear deterrent missions.“Those ‘boomers’ need to disappear for weeks at a time into safe depths,” Holmes said. There was only so much to go around for ‘luxury fleet’ projects.”“Bottom line, if you can’t afford to keep the existing fleet at sea, where are you going to get the money to complete your first nuclear-powered supercarrier, a vessel that will demand even more manpower that you can’t afford?During the ’60s and ’70s, workers built Named after Vladimir Lenin’s home town, everything about the supercarrier was huge, even by Russian standards. It sounds childish, but there are basic human motives at work here.”“It’s not all about the roles and missions carriers execute,” he said.Her propulsion system would have comprised four KN-3 nuclear reactors, a model originally used to power enormous ’s two steam catapults, ski-jump and four sets of arresting cables would have created a bustling flight deck. “It’s about national destiny and dignity.”But by the mid ’90s, Russian naval vessels were rusting at their moorings, sailors served without pay and the United States stepped in to help deactivate Soviet-era nuclear submarines and provide security for the Russian nuclear arsenal.“The Soviets weren’t dumb,” Holmes explained.The famous Russian battleship — scene of the famous 1905 naval mutiny and the subject of Sergei Eisenstein’s classic film — launched from the same shipyard.Early in the Soviet period, the shipyard constructed battleships. wants to keep pace, then Soviet leaders want the same toys to demonstrate that they’re keeping pace.

The city’s vibrant literary scene is supported by a diverse scope of festivals, including the Oblomov Festival, which celebrates Goncharov eponymous novel’s antihero.The festival attracts around 5,000 people each year under the motto “Get Off the Sofa!”, in reference to Oblomov as the “Prince of Laziness”.In addition, the international Gala Concert of Readers pays tribute to another national literary figure, Sergei Miklalkov, author of children’s books and satirical fables, by showcasing his main works through a network of libraries implemented in 10 countries worldwide.The current Ulyanovsk Development Strategy of Cultural Policy confirms the city’s strong will to make literature a core priority and driver of its sustainable urban development.

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