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In the eyes of the law, prostitution is a minor offence. "Sometimes when a policeman arrests you, he asks you for money. After his first 100 days in office, Tanzanian president Magufuli has made several reforms.Previously, the police had only arrested commercial sex workers only and let the men off the hooks. If you do not have the money, he forces you to have sex with him," sex worker Eliza M. He has made a big impact leaving other Africans hoping their leaders will follow his example.Tanzania has a very conservative society and many people describe the practice as "moral decay." Many young children are said to be pushed into prostitution by their parents, a family member or by their need for money to fit in among their peers."I work in a hairdressing salon during the day but do not make enough money to meet my needs, that's why I come here to market myself," Eliza said.

The target, however, is not only the girls but also the men who are paying for sex, according to Simon Sirro, Special Zone Police Commander at the Dar es Salaam police.The recent decision to arrest the men as well signals that the government is planning to introducing new laws against prostitution. stands on the roadside around Corner Bar, a favorite spot for sex workers in Dar es Salaam, waiting for passing motorists. She came to Dar es Salaam to look for a job but ended up working in prostitution. () What does it take to convert Africa into a first-class research destination which knows how to tackle its problems?Scientists and policymakers have been deliberating at a major science conference in Washington DC.Despite the silence and darkness, the cemetery is where the prostitutes take turns to entertain their customers.During the day time, the cemetery is littered with hundreds of used condoms.

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