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Despite only being in the house for a couple of hours some of the housemates are already voicing their opinions.

WAG wannabe Charley said: "I will mingle with everyone but it's obvious who I feel the most comfortable with", gesturing to the housemates with her.

And Charley added: "They're not gonna have a house just full of girls..offence, but how boring would that be?

" With no men to lust after, the bitching has already begun.

Some of the other housemates took more a laidback stance on their first night in t he infamous house.

She was the first female winner of Big Brother UK, winning the third ziggy lichman dating website.Scroll down for more Both Shabnam and Charley complained about the boy-free zone.Shabnam said: "I think we need to ask Big Brother for booze to make up for the lack of boys,".Scroll down for more It's rumoured that Big Brother will soon put the housemates out of their misery with the addition of a male housemate.According to The Daily Star, Davina Mc Call will ask the girls to select one hunk to join them from a choice of three in a live special show to be broadcast tomorrow night.

On Day 25, it was announced that Sarah had won the series.

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    Remember that less can sometimes be more if you are thinking about maybe sending 100 red roses with your invitation to your second date. The best idea is to discuss it with the other person - “It’s a good way of seeing how you agree on things, “says Sabine Wery von Limont, “ and you will get an idea of how much of a creative thinker the other person is.” Think of the second date as a complement to the first.

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