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Unlike with ancestors, there is no simple formula for your number of descendants.Rather, you have to count up all of your children, and all of their children, and so on.Well, children of your first-cousin are called your “first-cousins-once-removed”, and their children are your “first-cousins-twice-removed”, and so on: To see where your second-cousins come from, we have to move one more level up.Your grandparents’ siblings are your great-aunts and great-uncles.To see where your cousins come from, we have to move up to your parents’ level.

On the other hand, if they each have five children of their own, then you will have twenty-five grandchildren – a lot more.Since each ancestor has two parents (one mother and one father), you have a total of 2n ancestors at level n: two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen great-great-grandparents, and so on.Summing up, you have a total of 2 2 − 2 = 16 − 2 = 14.Furthermore, some people may share other genes with us just by chance; for example, if I meet a stranger whose eyes are brown just like mine are, that does not necessarily establish that we are close relatives.In addition, there is lots of randomness in how genes are passed on (each individual gets half of their genetic material from their mother and half from their father, but which bits come from which parent is chosen at random and cannot be predicted), so we cannot draw precise conclusions with certainty.

Thus, children of first-cousins are second-cousins, and children of second-cousins are third-cousins, and so on.

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