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Remy Dupont brought the characters to life in 3D with his speedy and skillful modelling, with meshes that allowed the creative team to play with distortions and dynamics that they wanted to execute on certain character transitions.Ludovic Habas joined the team to rig the characters using his Auto-Rig system, which was incredibly useful in creating character rigs that offered a great deal of flexibility in the short period of time that the project allowed.Careful consideration of how each shot was framed ensured the team could be as economical as possible in creating six narrative sequences that slotted seamlessly together to create an additional amalgamated short.Director, Marc Bouyer, created an initial design based on one of the characters, Quick Swipe Mike, as a way of refining the style that the client wanted to pursue.The creative team opted for bright, colourful backgrounds that pulled out the individuality of each character and ensured the central focus would remain on them.This was both economical in terms of the overall design process but also reflective of how these were online personas, and so figuratively existed in a digital space.Of course, you also need a good number of people using it and with True View the membership numbers are growing on a daily basis.Right now it has a solid membership base in London and other bigger cities but not so much yet in smaller towns and villages. It’s so easy and effortless to use it that we wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t give most of the other dating apps run for the money.

Billy Bad Chat, Six Pack Stu, Two Faced Tony - these characters are too familiar to anyone who has online dated.

A stickler for promoting ethical practices within the UK dating industry she champions the sites that get it right while highlighting those holding it back.

Does the person on the other side of the screen really enjoy long sunset walks on the beach, or do they prefer to spend their evenings perched outside your bedroom window?

It can sometimes feel very difficult to align your thoughts and feel comfortable with the path that your idea is taking. I felt like I was being carried along on a big friendly (3D of course) cloud.” The True View shorts were a dream for the Feed Me Light team to work on, and a project we’ve been titillated to share with the world.

The project ran super smoothly from start to end, appealing directly to the funny bone of the FML team.

What we find to be a problem with some dating apps is that they are too complicated and try to fit too much information on that tiny screen that soon enough you just give up the whole idea of using your smartphone as a dating device and go back to good old online dating via your laptop or desktop.

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