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This works from anywhere — your Chrome browser, your Android or your i Phone. From there, you can choose which notifications you’d like to receive by SMS or email. Automatically add Alexa to-do’s to your Google Calendar For the Amazon Echo fans, use this IFTTT formula to create Google Calendar events from the to-do list you spoke aloud to Alexa. Get reminders by phone call for important events When you’re running from place to place, it’s easy to miss an email or text notification — especially if your phone’s buried in your bag or pocket.

Use this IFTTT formula to take notifications to the next level: for every Google Calendar event with #callme in the title, you’ll receive an actual phone call reminding you of what’s coming up. Politely decline invitations from that coworker who keeps trying to meet over your lunch break Similar to automatically declining events during a vacation, you can also choose to decline events by default during a daily recurring block of time — like that first precious hour of the morning when you’d rather be planning out your day, or during lunch. Avoid the headache of scheduling across time zones Will clients or colleagues from many different time zones be joining this meeting?

Click the small arrow, then choose Share This Calendar. From Other Calendars, enter your colleague’s email address.

From there, you can add others to the calendar by email. Let people view your schedule by sharing your own calendar “Hey, are you free this afternoon? They’ll receive an email with your request to view their calendar, which they can accept or decline.

Access your calendar offline when wifi is spotty or unavailable Like every Google tool you use, Google Calendar is only available online by default.

But if you’re working from a location with spotty-to-no wifi, you can enable offline syncing as needed.

” feature in to display the attendee’s name right on your calendar. Use “interesting calendars” to add every holiday to your calendar in one click Manually adding every holiday to your calendar is a time suck.

Note that only your default calendar will sync, so you won’t have the rich, layered view of your typical online calendar. Get an email reminder for every birthday on your Google Calendar IFTTT lets you connect your apps and devices with “if this, then that” statements. Jump from another date range back to today: “T” 19. Return to full calendar view (from the event details page): “Esc” 24.

Instead of being pulled away from your current program or tab, Google will instead show a friendly notification in the top righthand corner of the screen. For collaborative projects, create a shared calendar that multiple people can edit Be it a work project, a trip with friends or a family reunion, creating a shared calendar gives everyone involved the power to make updates as needed — removing the responsibility solely from your shoulders.

Once you’ve created the calendar you want to share, hover over its name on the left side of the screen. It may be time to share your calendar with your colleagues — just repeat the process outlined in #6 above. Ask for permission to view a colleague’s calendar Maybe the one having to ask when others are available.

Add a background to your calendar that keeps you motivated, focused or calm. Use Agenda mode to stay focused on today’s tasks When this week or month’s entire mountain of work is visible on the screen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

So create some sanity for yourself: switch to Agenda mode for a rundown of just today’s workload. Prevent workflow interruptions with “gentle” notifications When Google Calendar is open, a notification will trigger 10 minutes before your next event.

For example, “If there’s a birthday on my Google Calendar, thensend me an email reminder.” Keyboard shortcuts shave seconds off the time it takes to navigate your calendar and create or edit events — and those seconds add up. Quick-select & view a specific date range Within the monthly calendar in the left sidebar, click and drag your mouse across the specific set of dates you’d like to view. See at a glance who your 1:1 is with Who scheduled that event called “30 Minute Meeting” on your calendar?

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