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when the user clicks on new button i want to change the mode to insert mode. protected void New Button_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Your code should be placed within the Form View.

Mode Changing event handler as opposed to using the Button. Also, after setting the Mode, you need to re-bind your Form View if you are programmatically data-binding: ASPX Your code should be placed within the Form View.

I have to click Edit and Cancel twice for them to do their action.

Because after updated, the formview will be rebound to the datasource again, and it mode is changed to the default mode. I was wondering if if should be running the email code on the Item Updated instead of Item Updating. I am a dutch woman and it is very hard for me to explaine my problem in English. When a user comes to my page for the first time, the Formview is in Insert mode.They fill out the form en when submitted, the form turns to Readonly mode.Repeaters give you full control but typing the HTML yourself but I'd like to see if I can use the features of the controls to do what I need to do before moving to the repeater.Because then I have to code those extra features that the Grid View and Details View have that the repeater does not.

I have a Formview that I am using to update a company database record and allow them to email me their company logo.

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