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is a long-running game show with a backwards format where you have to provide the question to an answer.

In 1975, running a category won a London vacation package.One last type, called the Celebrity Daily Double, features a celebrity guest giving a clue about himself/herself.Starting in 2001, a group of correspondents called the Clue Crew came to effect.On certain clues, one member of the Clue Crew is at a certain location and gives a clue under the selected category.When the group was first formed, they consisted of Cheryl Farrell, Sofia Lidskog, Jimmy Mc Guire, and Sarah Whitcomb (Foss). rounds, contestants who forget their phrasing may still correct themselves before time runs out.

However, from the second season on, contestants can ring in only after a clue has been read, as ringing in too soon locks out a player for a ¼-½ second.

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