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The frequent reason we hear cited for dropping support for other browsers is that MSIE/Win is THE browser used by a MAJORITY of people, and that it takes TOO LONG to develop for (and render properly in) any other browsers.

Others complain that development for browsers other than IE/Win is TOO EXPENSIVE.

But now it has a found a home with enthusiasts who will take care of it, keep it in good shape, and hopefully exhibit it to the public once in a while so everyone can appreciate a piece of technology that was.

Finally, it is only appropriate for me to share in the introduction of another CSS example: the IE5/Mac band pass filter. Let's see if we can get Amber into their list of top 50 DJs. Amber and I tried to have breakfast at the Canvas around 2pm today (I really wanted one of their oversized Belgian waffles), but were disappointed when they told us they stop making breakfast at pm.

But if said company actually authors their pages properly, they separate their semantic markup from their presentational styles, at which point, they can choose to filter out style sheets from browsers that are unable to handle them. There are have been many many attempts at contact managers or services to distribute updates of contact information.

However, it is never right to just reject one or more particular browsers and send an insincere apology. Most of them seem to just annoyingly spam all your contacts, thus acting somewhat in an . I'm specifically looking for a way (perhaps start with a protocol) for notifying one's contacts that a piece of information that they have about you, that used to be valid, is no longer valid. Just send them the "updated" version of that information. if your work phone changes, then send them your new work phone number.

I was going to say something about all the features in IE5/Mac (Web Scrapbook etc.) that no other browser has yet copied, but I decided to save that for another post. There are people who are both, the obvious are of course the aforementioned Bowman, and Jeffrey Zeldman, but just teaching yourself CSS does not automatically make you an expert at visual design, and that's the kind of combined skillset that my question is referring to.

This afternoon I donated my TRON machine to the BOLT folks, who came by and picked it up in a rented moving van. During that time I've had it in two dorm rooms, several different office buildings, and a few storage closets and garages.

Depending on preferences, such deletion/obsolescence updates could result in one of the following: This last option would be my default setting. Easy example 1: what if you want to reference an old (like last month's) phone bill and look up a number and see who it belonged to rather than when you happen to be reading it sometime later?

Right now I'm doing this (logging obsolete contact information) by hand in my current address book application in a "history" field, but I could easily see adding both some user interface, and some protocol listening to do it (semi-)automatically. not everyone in my address book has me in their address book and vice versa.

I have been a happy Feedster user for quite some time now.

I've been impressed by the speed of their searches, not to mention their site stability.

I realized another assumption that the protocol must deal with. I've given out business cards during my previous job to hundreds (probably more like thousands) of people, and I have no idea who that exact set of people are.

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