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People in her past would get her drunk just to get at her.

Well last Thursday she was at a bonfire with friends drinking. She says she relapsed back into her old way and didn’t mean anything.

Cheating tears apart that contract, particularly the security of the relationship. She acted how she wanted to act fully aware of the harm it would do to both you and the relationship. The guy was acting just as any guy would do, as you would probably do if the situation was reversed.

Love for a man is loyalty, and in your case my emotionally messed up writer, there is no loyalty, there is no love. Things “don’t just happen” no matter how much women try to make it sound that way. Just because she feels regret later doesn’t change anything.

I will have no respect for you, and she certainly won’t respect you because she already does not.

Look I know on some level you are blaming yourself.

Years later, Kara Danvers is a young professional adrift in a thankless job until a fateful crisis ignites a sense of purpose using Kryptonian powers she had long hidden.

I dated this girl now for over a year, known her for 3 years.

When that happens, don’t do anything that will land you in jail.

You will never forgive her, but you will get over it. If this ever happens again you will know how to act.

She still doesn’t have enough interest in you if she was willing to do it at the time. She spent a large portion of this night flirting with this dude I bet, before she even was drunk probably. She had many minutes and maybe even hours to avoid this.

She never should have even FLIRTED with this guy to begin with to get to a point where she put herself into a position to have to make a decision to reject sex.

Move on and do not spend a single moment more of your time chasing your cheating girlfriend “ahem” ex-girlfriend.

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