Sudan dating and marriage

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By now being married and having his wife and child (possibly children if his wife had multiples), in his own established independent household, the man is now considered an elder among the tribe.

The marriage tradition in Sudan is not as any other marriages tradition as it has different ceremonies in different days. The bride and the groom celebrate their marriage separately in very cultural ways and then they join each other in the final wedding party which is shared between the bride and her husband as well as their relatives and friends.The wedding parties will not end their because they will have another party after a week of time which is called sbua and they will continue their celebration and on that day the bride mother will take some house staff to her daughter’s house with other women.I grew up athonest, open minded, hot and friendly woman who appreciate the human conversation no matter what the topic was.The cattle received by the bride's family will in turn be used as payment when their own son(s) (assuming they have any) are looking to take a bride of their own.This system of passing on bride wealth however, makes it hard to dissolve marriages because the cattle will have to be returned.

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