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The South Street Historic District‘s distinctive lampposts are close replicas of those that existed here in the late 1800s and early 1900s.Narrow Pearl Street, one of the longest streets in lower Manhattan (except for Broadway) crosses Fulton Street where there was once an el station: the 2nd-3rd Avenue El ran up Pearl Street on its way to Chatham Square and then the Bowery and 3rd Avenue.CBD and Cancer Search the internet for “marijuana cures cancer” and you’ll find numerous studies and articles on the positive correlation on cannabis and the reduction of cancer cells among users.

Yes, stolen: a warehouse built by cast-iron architecture pioneer James Bogardus at Washington and Murray Streets in Washington Market on the Lower West Side was taken down during construction of the World trade Center and was actually stolen for scrap iron.At the east end of Fulton Street can be found two historic sailing ships, the is named for Ambrose Channel, the southern entrance to NY harbor, where it was stationed in its early years.The first Ambrose Light Tower replaced the lightship in 1967 (it was replaced in 1999); today the is one of the few lightships remaining intact.Schermerhorn Row was restored in 1983 as part of the Historic District construction.1820s and 1980s architecture come together on Front Street facing Fulton.

The Titanic Memorial Lighthouse, formerly atop the Seaman’s Church Institute on State Street, stands at Fulton and Pearl Street.

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