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Another explanation is that she's on the cusp of her ninth birthday in "Orphan". Kira's making a rhetorical point when she claims the year anniversary; Sisko's narrating a somber, personal log.

" (47329.4), has Sisko marking the fourth anniversary of Wolf 359 (c. However, it would seem that "Second Sight" is a lot closer to being the 3 year anniversary. Both these dates are "big" for our respective leads. I'm trusting the guy who's mourning his wife's passage, more than the major who's trying to prove something. Molly would appear to have been born around the first anniversary of the battle, at the top of TNG Season 5.

In fact, the time difference between these two episodes is fully one-half the distance between the other two episodes with known stardates, "".

And it's about twice the distance between "Penumbra" and "Extreme Measures".

Is each episode neatly equidistant from each other, meaning you get about two episodes for each month of the year? But it's hard to find the explicit "break points" between runs of episodes that are clearly meant to be happening within days of each other.

There's no doubt that if you go off of stardates, there's definitely a problem with Molly. I think they're best viewed as they were originally intended in TOS: a way to avoid giving an explicit year.

Keep in mind it's only my opinion (and therefore not canon) and you can choose whether or not to accept the explanation provided.

Alternate explanations for this discrepancy or any other discrepancies are also welcomed and encouraged; just make sure to post them in the User Talk page.

Well, in TNG's "Rascals" (Season 6) she also appeared to be at least 2 years old, even though she was only a year old. This immediately shows a mathematical problem, because there would appear to be four years difference between the late season 2 episode ("Crossover") and the late season 6 episode ("Orphan").

I'd go for that, personally, since many episodes of Seasons 6 and 7 seem to be happening in tight consecutive order.

That seems a plausible explanation for how there can be 3 narrative years between season 2's "Crossover" (where she's 5) and season 6's "Time's Orphan" (where she's 8).

They're pretty ridiculous, since a) canon doesn't tell us how they actually work and b) they're working on an obviously different principle in the original series and the later ones.

Yes, the intent of the Berman years is that they operate in an apparently standard way, and even that they would seem to suggest that seasons 1 and 2 of DS9 are happening in the same years as seasons 6 and 7 of TNG.

If Season 2 of DS9 actually contained the fourth anniversary of Locutus, Molly "should" be 3. To me, It comes down to a matter of trust by the viewer.

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