Speed dating zurich switzerland

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So, being young free and single I wouldn't mind taking my first ever stab at something like speed dating or normal dating and see what happens.

I'm getting a bit bored of the whole monk-like singledom thing at the moment. anyone got any experience or feedback with this sort of thing in Zurich?

Die Singles-Anlässe werden nicht von organisiert, sondern von Drittanbietern.

Bei Fragen sollte man sich direkt an die jeweiligen Anbieter wenden.

Your correspondent was part of this meeting and he was amazed about this “immediate intimacy” which can be established within a few minutes between experienced EO-members!

Both chapters agreed for a next meeting in January 2016.

Current job offers at our sponsors: after a successful remote engagement.

The joint event in showed an impressive participation of Swiss and Turkish EO Members and it was an amazing success, which is to be continued in January 2016.

Wer um Mitternacht das Feuerwerk geniessen will, erreicht das Spektakel in wenigen Minuten zu Fuss und kann danach an die Party zurückkehren. 60 Personen beim Speed Dating vorhanden ist, wäre eine Anmeldung im Voraus erwünscht.

Die Bezahlung zur Teilnahme an der Party ab Uhr kann auch an der Abendkasse erfolgen - spontane Anmeldungen vor Ort sind jederzeit möglich.

This timeframe sounds to be short, but it's perfect to decide if you would like to get in touch with the company or the potential hire later.

In the venue you'll have the chance to sign up to our job speed dating schedule.

I've been in Zurich for 6 months now, and while I have no problems chatting to people on a night out, I haven't really "met" any one per se outside of work.

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