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And it works – you have only a couple of minutes to suffer if the person is not good for you.

Frequently, it is possible to develop interesting discussion and enjoy different perspectives with the profile that doesn’t match your standards – and only speed dating can reveal it!

This will mean you’ll be so ‘in the moment’ that you’ll have no time to think about how shy you’re feeling.

It will also mean an end to awkward silences – phew!

You can avoid the shyness and embarrassment in front of each other – in fact, you don’t have too much time to think how to start the conversation.

Here are some tips to help you do just that: Whilst you don’t want your online dating profile to paint you as a shrinking violet, it’s important not to try too hard to be the opposite.

Because of this, the best Besides, speed dating is really fun.

You talk to different people in the room – seems like a lifestyle of a typical party animal.

Some tips for shy-friendly dates are: • Go somewhere away from the crowds– it can sometimes be tiring for people who are introverted to be around crowds of people, so why not go to a quiet cafe, or perhaps a gallery?

• Do an activity – take a class together or do something active such as cycling.

But why is it better to choose speed dating, not the other options?

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