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that the deceitful race -- such hateful enemies and blasphemers of the name of Christ -- not be allowed further to infect and trouble this new colony." Jews were spared eviction because the Dutch West India Company was heavily dependent on Jewish investments.

Stuyvesant contented himself with subjecting the Jews to indignities: He denied them the right to serve in the military and forced them to pay extra taxes.

One way to increase your level of enthusiasm is to view an entire day as an enthusiasm seminar.

Of course God can override that system (and He often does - that's what we call "miracles").

But God prefers to remain somewhat hidden - to preserve our quest to find Him.

Finally, as the man is sitting on his roof, a helicopter comes to rescue him; again the man proclaims his trust and refuses the rescue. " The Almighty replies, "But, my son, I sent a policeman, a boat and a helicopter!

The water rises, the man drowns and is finally standing in judgment before the Almighty. " The only way to be considered a "failure" in life is by being lazy and not trying hard enough. Because we can only expected to work with the tools God provides. Whether or not the eventual goal is completed - that is in God's hands.

However, one should never use a claim of trust in God to condone laziness or rash behavior.

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