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Sharing my weight loss experiences with my parents and complaining to them how difficult it was my mother, who has been going to Fitness Concepts for years and has lost over 30 pounds, suggested I check in out. From the first time I met Sam and the staff of Fitness Concepts I was hooked.

I had tried the no carbs, the no fats and even the no food diets countless times, but it wasn't until I found the balance of mind body and soul at Fitness Concepts where my path to health really began.

Since June 2008 I've trained with Israel Briseno, who has taken me to points in my physical capability I never thought I could reach.

I'm toner and lighter and my days are filled with a better sense of energy and general longevity. I wake up faster , I don't get tired as easily and even better I have learned to love myself and the amazing body I was given.

I was truly scared for my life and my family and knew I had to do something right away.

At first, I started walking around my neighborhood and saw some quick results, but that wasn't enough.

Now more then ever, I am aware of the energy and mentality it takes to be a fit woman and how to do so in an ever evolving society that preaches a message of, "quick-fixes" and poor health.

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