Sox and backdating

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The back door distance between directors A and B is deemed to be two.

Now, a Wharton business school study found that CEOs with a back door link to someone on the compensation committee received, on average, $US453,688 ($A601,294) more than those without such a connection.

It summarizes 12 ways in which sales people can get themselves and the company into trouble. Sales reps / managers are not to sign legal type documents without approval from [VP Sales].

In addition, the company’s CFO, its general counsel, its senior vice president for business development, and its head of worldwide sales, all went to prison (or in one case to home confinement), and the general counsel was disbarred.

(With prior approval from Legal, a particular contract may be able to be dated “to be effective as of [a particular date]”; the signature dates, however, must still be the dates actually signed.) 9.

This no-changes policy applies to all contract documents, including, for example:• Proposal / Sales Quote T&Cs • Enterprise License Agreement. No shipping of orders without Legal approval if the customer does not sign the Sales Quote form.

If the customer doesn’t sign the Sales Quote, then any T&Cs in the cust­omer’s purchase order might supersede the Company’s T&Cs — and might have little or no legal protection for the Company. All contract documents must be timely provided to Accounting — no excep­tions.

(The Com­pany can agree to an amendment to an existing sales contract if there is new considera­tion involved.

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