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Fans already watched her determine, cheerful, energetic, competitive as an ace in RM. She is one of the best actresses in the world, is unbelievably beautiful, one of the most beautiful Asian actresses, and one of the best actresses you will watch, she has sooo much charm and personality onscreen, she always shows sooo much chemistry with her partners, it's hard not to fall in love with her. Song Ji Hyo is an outstanding and very versatile actress, she has played many different roles, she can play the good protagonist and the evil antagonist. but definitely she is one of the most love korean actresses..acting was really natural esp when she has a scene that requires her to cry "woooowwww" everything about her is just so special.But when fans watch her cry in the drama, that feeling catch them all. She has a face of both beauty and kindness, a "goodgirl" model! Her acting is sooo natural and relatable, definitely an actress you will remember. She is the most beautiful actress I have seen, her beauty is truly mesmerizing and very uniq in a sense that she doesn't look Asian. She is the one who introduce me "running man" and i totally love her in the show but sometimes its like the show is preventing me to see her in another role like her dramas.. I wll be looking forward for her future projects and i hope she will received much love not just bc she is known as an ace in running man but as an actress that can take any role...I think she lost a lot of weight and looks slightly different dare I say older? Even in running man she looks haggard and tired most of the time. First saw her in Goong hated her so much because of her character but ever since running man I really like her I love her sassy attitude even dominating against other running man male cast.Her character in EC is a also being a simple woman not extravagant like Clara's character so she doesn't dress up or fix her hair that much. For me she is also one of the few korean actress who have a natural ji hyo is suitable with them because she is beautiful and look young compared to her age . RM may end but our love and appreciation for all the smiles and laughter you have brought us will NEVER END! When playing as a protagonist, she always look a bit weak. I don't know whether she is strong and "ace" as she is on the television, but I do know that she is real, like it's just something you can't touch but in your heart you know it really exists. Anw please watch the latest drama ex gf club cause it's amazing swear to god!!!!!and i am confident she will also can be a famous actress and producer choice like song hye kyo if she get the chance to act with the famous actor too Song Ji Hyo! I look forward with much anticipation to enjoying your work in the future! TBH, Even she's debut as an actress but we cant denied that RM made her popularity go wild. Her chemistry with actors in movie and drama is great.. I think she need to have a strong character to portray. I became her fan just this year, it is after i watched her drama "emergencycouple" the drama was really awesome and now i could consider her as my favorite actress in korea even though i do not know much of the korean world.....If you rewatch running man ep 2 to i think 150 she looks way prettier. I am really like monday couple and I think they so cute couple. She doesn't look like she had too much plastic surgery.

i enjoyed to watch Running Man because of you and gary oppa in it. I think she just look a lot older now than say 2012 or early 2013.I am also a crazy Monday couple fan but I am happy, when Ji Hyo is out and meeting other people. Cuz apparently Ji Hyo can't do anything without some fans crying about the fictional Monday Couple. I have been watching "Emergency Couple." You are able to get a great connection with each actor. Song Ji-Hyo is the hidden jewel of Korean Entertainment. She can play any role, So believable and heartwarming in Emergency Couple. she's the only female member and she's the ace..right now i am watching the emergency couple and she's amazing there...i wish you goodluck in your career :) @Anon , I don't think your acting would be better. You actually think ACTORS would wanna show their body like their sluts?She can't just live her life as a Monday couple she gotta meet somebody. I hold a degree in acting, so I am always watching and studying. Oh hell no, she was good enough to take the role, while you're just sitting there hating. That's why we dont need trash like this in the world. in frozen flower she wasnt really naked, its all edited.Just the fact that she is the only girl among 6 other men on a physical gag show made me respect her - but she also upheld the title of "Ace" and never lost to a male guest for anything other than muscle/strength. :) i saw you first in your 2007 movie (sex is zero), i really like you there.Now watching her performance in Emergency Couple..I feel like she is acting my ideal self out for me to see and to dream. Stunning and beautiful - not only on the outside, but her personality deserves praise more than anything else. you portrayed a very patient fiancee which never used harsh words during the breakup.showed that true love exists even in the presence of ideal boyfriend (Gi-joo).

She's the only one actrees that make me crazy with her project. i don't get it why she always acted along side with older man . I like Song Ji Hyo in running man and code name jackal.

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