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On Monday I am to move my CX-7 to a clear area, turn everything off for 5 minutes, and then turn on the radio and Sirius and wait 7 minutes. In the meanwhile my Mazda dealer is clueless and said I'm the only one complaining at this point. If there's a large mushroom cloud in East Tennessee, you'll know it hasn't been resolved.

They were not clear on the details but I think a lot of people are having this problem.sorry to hear that cx7mom... I'm going to have to run to the dealership and see if they can figure it out.

I'm real happy with Sirius radio but very PO with their customer service. I am having the same problem, 06 mazda3 Sirius told me to take to the dealer, I reset and Im waiting to turn it back on until i hear that its resolved.

They said if you interupt the update it locks it up.

They passed the buck and told me I need to return to the dealership. I'm glad I didn't pay for long term service with them because I'm not going to keep running back to the dealership everytime they frig up my radio.

I spoke with a Mazda rep last evening who also told me they received a few calls on it as well.

And while it affected only a small number of receivers, we know that this offers little comfort if one of them is yours.

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