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I zoomed out a few clicks and decided to move up the highway to the north for a few miles. And I decided that this was still something interesting and worthwhile to dream about.

Hell, there’s even an Irish pub and restaurant down the street.

Oftentimes, I am hesitant to review comics that are no longer updating.

Even more-so am I reluctant to review ones that have not only ended but have also had their creators vanish off the face of the Earth (or the internet at least).

It’s the digital equivalent of spinning a globe and putting your finger down and seeing where you end up, but with the miracle that is satellite imagery and scalable, fully-annotated maps. I had been looking at clouds, because it was odd to me that there were clouds here and nowhere else in the world (I found out later that it was just because it was old imagery that hadn’t been updated) and as I got closer and closer there were these two long-balloon-shaped blue patches in the middle of what looked like the most beautiful green grassland ever.

Back in high school, I was looking around on what was called Keyhole, and what was just about to become the very first iteration of Google World or something like that.

I’ve been saving this comic for a while because it’s so well done that I felt it should be a finale or overall winner, but I’d like to present it now because you should read it from the beginning….This comic is trash and everything about it is wrong.That is why there isn't really a "downfall" per se, but there are low points.There was a girlfriend in college with whom I announced we would someday visit Kildare, because it was celtic and romantic and far away and still close enough to Dublin that we could go into town and enjoy the finer things when we wanted to get out of our cottage.That dream died with the relationship, even though it was never all that realistic in the first place, but that wasn’t the point, dammit.

When this happens, I remind myself that the purpose of this wiki is not to berate and annoy awful webcomic artists, but first and foremost to give aspiring webcomic artist tools to recognize and avoid horrible mistakes that can ruin their comic and reputation. Besides, it is such an atrocity in every way that, even if making fun of it has lost its relevance long ago, it is still worth writing a review about.

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