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I did know before this happened that it was actually him. But losing my daughter made me unconsciously vulnerable. I shall tell you all about what I have learned of love bombing from the last year with Narcissus. When you meet a narcissist, if they decide that you have what they want, they will do everything they can to make themselves important by gaining control over you. And I finally suggested that perhaps it was time for me to go back to my car and for us to both go home. I texted him when I got home that night to let him know that I was home safely. Also when I quote his texts, they are exactly as he wrote them. “I’ve just deleted my dating apps…I know its you I want…I mean I know we just met but unless for some reason we become incompatible…. A guy who wanted to immediately commit to me and not date anyone else? He told me he had deleted his POF (where we had started chatting) and Tinder.

His name jumped out on the resume HR sent me as did his current work place. I tend to be much more cautious and careful with my heart. I didn’t even realize I had let my guard down so quickly and completely with Narcissus until it was far too late. The most important thing sociopath’s crave is control. Love bombing is yet another form of manipulation that a narcissist uses to reel in his victims. I went on POF to check if he was telling the truth.

At first you will not perceive this as bombardment or manipulation. They will send you sweet texts, flatter you, want to talk to you constantly, want to see you all the time, spend all of their free time with you, introduce you to their children, family and ‘friends’ right away. It’s a tactic manipulative people use, and is in fact a form of abuse. He responded with “have a good sleep beautiful” and a bunch of emojis. Turns out that on rare occasions, first dates don’t always go to Dixie Outlet Mall to die. I love fall, but it feels like we’ve barely had summer yet and I’m sad to see the days getting shorter and the nights getting cooler.

You will initially be flattered that this person is paying so much attention to you. That’s because everything they do is much more fiction than reality. If you are dating someone with these personality traits — narcissism being one of them — then it is likely they are grooming you. But an important lead into my relationship with Narcissus. I spent last weekend on a sailboat and it was fantastic guys!

All of this is a predatory and over the top plan to lure and attract you so that you feel irreplaceable and fall unquestioningly under their control without the need for them to make any real emotional commitment to you. This gives you the false impression that this person is your soulmate. Within a short period of time, they will be staying at your place regularly. Your friends and family might raise an eyebrow at how quickly things have progressed. Social media, texting, emails, and instant messaging make it incredibly easy to be in constant contact with someone if you want to, and an abuser who wants to love bomb you will easily take advantage of all the tools necessary for control of and access to you. A first kiss is where we left off and where I shall continue tonight. And by then it was after pm, it was late to be debating these things. I hope you are all soaking up the last little bit of summer this week!

This was definitely my fanciest first meeting ever.

He seemed nice, he was funny and easy to converse with over text. We all have spell check on these little handheld computer devices we call phones and carry around everywhere. Saying things like “how do you feel about rushing into something lol – #meandyou” and “Careful – I’ll go book a church”.

He could spell wonderfully and had excellent grammar. It was charming and funny, also definitely over the top.

You made me laugh tons and that’s always great, but I’m not sure we are a match in chemistry, I’m sorry. ” And that was that, he didn’t reply and I heard nothing more from him. Until he came into where I work for a job interview with one of my bosses. His next text to me was “I’m super attracted to you btw…I can’t wait to see you again”, with a kissy face emoji, of course. I replied telling him that I did like him as he was, that nothing was ever perfect and happiness is a choice. lol Just reminder here for a second, this was literally Day 1. Then I was just completely attracted to this guy, I liked the chemistry we had and was shocked and admittedly kind of happy that he was deleting his dating apps to commit to me. What I should have been was afraid of why he would do that so quickly.

I would see him occasionally online as I swiped away, but there was no further communication between us. And I, being the assistant, had to go to reception to escort him to my boss’s office for said interview. He drove me back to my car and we kissed goodbye, both agreeing that we wanted to see each other again soon. I replied that I was attracted to him as well and was looking forward to seeing him again too. He replied with this “It was amazing to me that you wanted to get to know me enough to put up with an evening like that…you are exactly what I’ve been looking for….someone real…that seems to really like me as I am and not just this idea of this perfect little bullshit life….nothing is ever perfect…but you can still be unbelievably happy…you seem to get that”. “So yes I had an amazing time…you are an amazing woman…sooooo sexy!!!! We had started talking only the day before and met for the first time just that night. I’ve been on a lot of first dates and this was very much a different first for me. In retrospect, looking back at the text messages, I can see the beginnings of the manipulation. I did question him on it, jokingly, asking him how many apps there were and which ones.

Like so dark it was really hard to actually see what anyone looked like.

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