Shows like dating in the dark

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“It’s mother-daughter, it’s mentor-mentee, it’s enemy and friend.It’s one of the greatest love relationships I’ve ever seen between two women who are not involved sexually, and it’s also completely unhealthy.” Rukeyser adds: “They are complicated, messed-up women.“Neither of them has anything in their lives besides this show and each other,” says Appleby.Rachel was raised by an icy, withholding psychologist mother who viewed her more as a case study than a daughter.TV from across the pond has been making its way Stateside for years, often thanks to PBS, which has for years imported shows like , an equally addictive period drama/soap opera that’s just as scandalous and engaging as any show The CW, just with more tophats and corsets.But, with the rise of streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, there are more opportunities outside of public television than ever before for U. And there's also more of an audience hungry for these shows than ever before. Just browse Tumblr, and there’s a one-in-three chance that the blog you’ll stumble upon is run by someone who’s obsessed with a show from British channels like the BBC or Channel 4. Though the series runs tend to be short and the episode counts low compared to U. programming, there’s some seriously great television coming from the United Kingdom beyond just those marquee names mentioned above.While The Bachelorette features attorneys and executives choosing from crowds of desperate smooth-chested male contestants, Un REAL’s suitress Serena Wolcott (Caitlin Fitz Gerald) is a female Elon Musk, a Silicon Valley success. Bemoaning her pariah-like status as the lone single CEO among her coterie of married colleagues, she sighs the tragic lines, “No one ever picks me.” Will audiences find sympathy for someone so accomplished, rich and luminous?

At times, the comfort they take in each other is akin to mother and daughter.

Despite its sinister premise, The Bachelor and its offshoots, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, remain in permanent residence in the US, creating an expectation of romantic fulfilment that can only make reality seem like a crushing disappointment.

Informed that attempts to export the formula to the UK found no audience, Un REAL showrunner Stacy Rukeyser says: “That’s good. Over here, there’s a very large proportion of the people watching who are successful working women, which was always surprising to me because the women on the show never talk about their jobs.

Rachel’s relationship with Quinn is attractive to her because Quinn is a good mum to her where her own mum isn’t.

Quinn may be manipulative and awful but it doesn’t feel foreign to Rachel.

In a way, it feels like love.” Maybe heartwarming is the right word for Un REAL, after all.

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