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(Rarely.) Shetland swipers are hitting up Tinder for sexy and non-sexy reasons.It's prime territory for nosy neighbours to snoop on singles."Like most other Shetlanders, I got Tinder to see who else is on Tinder," says Robertson."I don't think we're using it right." She says that Tinder in Shetland "makes no sense" because you're likely to know half the people — sometimes more — you swipe through."In London, if a friend says 'I saw your BF on Tinder' it means he's cheating," Simon said over a Tinder chat. It's such a small community that cheating is harder.

Tinder in a big city often feels like a bottomless pit of unfamiliar faces, making it prime swiping territory for singles.

He said that it can be "kind of boring" in Shetland, so Tinder is a good way to see if there are any new additions to the community.

"With so few people, Tinder is an amazing way to quickly find out who is new to the island." In fact, Simon says that if he doesn't know someone who's popped up on his Tinder, then they must be new to the island. Adam, who's only ever matched with seven people on Tinder, says that the community on Shetland can be nosy when it comes to other people's affairs.

"Many folks in relationships, even married, are all on Tinder.

I'm talking both halves of the couple," says Robertson.

But what happens when the majority of profiles you see are familiar faces?

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