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These too could contain a virus designed to collect your personal or private information. Don’t give anyone even the slightest chance to pose as you online through your device. Do not post anything that may compromise your reputation. By being a jerk to others online, you are reinforcing the idea that the behavior is acceptable. If you forget to log out of Facebook when using the computer at the library, the next person who uses that computer could get into your account and cause significant problems for you. People will judge you based on how you appear to them online. Start a movement, create a club, build a campaign, or host an event to bring awareness to cyberbullying. Restrict access of your online profile to trusted friends only. Regularly search your name in every major search engine (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo). On September 24, 2006, the e-mails were released by Lane Hudson on his anonymous blog Stop Sex Predators.

Among other things, Foley asked for a photo of the page, his age and birthday, and what he wanted for a birthday present.

The organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) said it received copies of the e-mails on July 21 and turned them over to the FBI that same day.

In August 2006, ABC News reporter Brian Ross received the initial e-mails from a Republican source but did not write a story for over a month because he was working on other stories.

Investigation was closed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) on September 19, 2008 citing insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges as both "Congress and Mr.

Foley denied us access to critical data", said FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey.

Newsweek's June 7, 2010, issue's BACK STORY listed Foley, among others, as a prominent conservative politician who had a record of anti-gay legislation and was later caught in a gay sex scandal.

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