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WOTD will be a database of randomly generated scrambling code where each piece of code, or rather each scramble (ie 52341 would be one and 14235 would be another etc), will be given a code word. If a bug is found, code a proof of concept exploit to reproduce the problem.

The scrambling/descrambling code will be a seemingly random, but set code based on another military technique called WOTD, or Word Of The Day. - Reverse engineer .dll's, and other binaries to find commonly exploitable bugs.

So later on, on the drive home, i go to dtballers places for some party. This is h0no's first episode of the new smash hit 'who wants to win an 0day? If they get all of the answers correct they will recieve an 0day for dimeware... I know thegnome is in nmrc, and they like plain text passwords.

n0w th4t y0u kn0w th3 rul3z, 1t w0uld b3 much s4f3r f0r y0u t0 c4nc3l y0ur a0l acc0unt.. 00.txt-~-~-~ -1TEAM TESO confidential advisory 1337 2004/10/01 leaks in teso crew. a non-blacklisted certificate will be enough of an endorsement for that system or user to initiate an automatic Special OTAT request. I would then help close the holes which were found in the network. I have also done many pen testing jobs for local banks and credit unions in my area. I have also coded all of pen testing tools which help automate allot of scanning process, making the job very fast and accurate.

And 4ny0n3 try1ng t0 st34l 0ur 0d4yz w1ll g3t 0wn3d twice!! $$$$$$$#s, :$$$ d$b`7` d$$$$*~`, d$$$$` d$$ :$$$$$$$$$i `/$$b `~` 7~`^`,ss#S7` :$$$$$$i :$$$i $$$$$$$$$$ll ll `'* `*? Like I was saying about users not currently connected to get the OTAR updates... I would basically be given a list of IP addresses, and was told to see "how far you can get in".

$` :$$$$$$$$$ _,d$ i#ss,,($$$$$$ :$$$$$$$$l ,d$b,`'*? $$$$$$: $$$$$ l$$$$$$$$$$$$i i$$$$$$$: ,#s,._ $$$$$S#s, `'*? Well, when somebody finds a way to keep an insider from potentially doing any wrong I will show that person the door to millions of dollars. l3ss10n 0f t0d4yz 0wn1ng w4z t0 n3v3r fl4m3 3l1t3z 0n irc. He even has his own email addresses in his spamming file. ls w who ls -l cd .p Sy ls ./psybnc cd ls rm -rf psybnc ls l s-l ls -l cd .p Sy ls pico ls rrm -rf .p Sy ls cd ls rm -rf p Sy rm -rf .p SY ls tar zxvf psy BNC2.3.1gz ls cd psybn cd psybnc mak emake make ls ./psybnc ps x kill -9 49222 ls ls history w ([email protected])(~) $ w AM up , 4 users, load averages: 0.07, 0.02, 0.01 USER TTY FROM [email protected] IDLE WHAT efnet p0 hotwir AM - w hiy_po p1 AM - sneeker p3 AM - lag p4 cpc4-bsfd2-4-0-c AM - ([email protected])(~) $ cd .p Sy ([email protected])(~/.p Sy) $ cat PSYBNC.

The reason for this is so if we decide to blacklist somebody all we have to do is blacklist that certificate. If a bug is found, code a proof of concept exploit to reproduce the problem.

Systems and users will have a certificate, where each certificate is unique and cataloged with an identifier for administrator use. - Reverse engineer .dll's, and other binaries to find commonly exploitable bugs.

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