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Officials at the administration were also accused of forming “small circles” and having a weak capacity to steer clear of corruption, the CCDI said.Rogier Creemers, an expert in Chinese law and governance at Leiden University in the Netherlands, said Lu was “a very big driver” of the institutionalising of China’s internet policies but he was not a policymaker.

“I don’t think there is any change to the tightening internet control.” On Lu’s watch, legions of outspoken and influential commentators on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, were silenced and once-lively debates on politics and policy shut down.

While things are getting heated on the screen, you don't want to be moving every few seconds because he can't see where your hand is going!

: PDo yourself a favor - try the testing feature on skype or even just open up your webcam before hand to try it out!

The powerful department, once a branch under the central government press office, was upgraded into a full government agency in 2014 to support the operations of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s newly founded leading group on cybersecurity and information technology.

As the head of the administration, Lu was the public face of Beijing’s tight and ever-broader online censorship.

Skype sex is more about what you’re saying and the sounds you’re making - rather than about the visual element of seeing you do the same things. Screenshots should NOT be something that’s a given - you really never know if they end up in the wrong hands.

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