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Today Fred’s serves customers with moderate or fixed incomes with stores in small and medium-sized towns across the Southeast and parts of the Midwest.

The chain is made up of more than 700 stores in 15 states in total.

The manager and employees are very unfriendly and they look dirt one young girl looks like a witch with her shoe polish dyed hair and ungroomed, not to mention unfriendly and they stand around talking about customers they know behind their backs.

This manager hires only friends and friends families without checking their work history.

Stores carry more than 12,000 products, including brand-name, off-brand, and private label products including health and beauty, household goods, clothing, linens, food, and paper supplies.So, next time Mountain Dew is on sale I would really appreciate it if the Pepsi is on sale as well, if not I don’t think I will be shopping their anymore.-Marilyn Martin Reply I made a phone call into the Pearl, MS location to check the available of tuna, which was on sale.BUT,,,, I said no it’s BUTTS with an s…she turned and walked away,,, I sat down, few mins later I hear But,,, is ready,, then the yellow headed checkout girl says Mr.BUT, again I corrected her ,it’s BUTTS with an s, she never even looked up or said anything, it was over a year since I used this store last,, same thing , happened before,, my RX, # 6991965,,,,,,my print out even says BUT,, on the information sheet,,,, I will never use this store again, their manager is obviously stupid as the employees, ,, I’m sure nothing will be done this time either, , just says alot for your company name, I can live with mine.

I paid for $50.00 to refill my card and when i tried to put my pin in to load my minutes it never was on my card.

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