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Even on the coldest days in January, when the wind rips across the now densely populated Preston Road prairie, St.Marks 770 boys from first through 12th grade steadfastly refuse to wear their optional long gray uniform slacks.This is no school for the faint-hearted, the sentimental, or the educationally ambivalent. Mark’s campus in the heart of North Dallas are studded with such names as A. Mark’s students will have access to the upper echelons of the Dallas business establishment. Mark’s school song), Rogers announced that during the choir’s upcoming performance tour in Europe, he had arranged for them to stand inside the gates at Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard. From an application pool of about 130, just 32 boys will be admitted to the first grade at St. Ed Young, the school’s director of admissions, understandably would not comment on which preschools were the most successful in sending their graduates to St, Mark’s first grade.

The teacher uses standard copy-editing symbols on their papers, which the students seem to understand.

Being admitted after first grade often requires additional hours spent catching up, not only in math and science but in Japanese, the required language from third through sixth grades. A -miilion endowment allows the school to offer 0,000 in need-based scholarships each year. She and I are talking of the pleasures and perils of heading a lower school where the intellectual range is from “bright to brilliant.” “We are not a school for everyone,” she says.

“Our students are the ones who might choose to skip recess to plan a project on black holes in space.

Part of my job is to see that we are also creating the kind of people that you’d like to be around.” With that in mind, I visited third grade science and language arts classes taught by Kathy Luckett, The boys were exploring simple machines, recognizing ramps, levers, cog wheels, and fulcrums in drawings at their desks and also in Mousetrap games and robotic toys in the room.

“Fulcrum is a word you’ll need in fifth grade,” Ms. In preparation for the lesson, the boys have designed on paper their own wacky Rube Goldberg machines, fanciful pancake flippers, bathing machines that convey bodies to tubs and dry diem oft, and automatic door openers all employing ramps, levers, cog wheels, etc.

Specially trained teachers observe the boys while a “very nurturing” individual administers the three-hour test.

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