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Owners will be provided information from the law enforcement agency, or their designee, on how to redeem dogs who were picked up.

Will just anyone be able to care for dogs that are picked up?

HOUSING AND CARE OF DOGS Who will be responsible for caring for dogs that are picked up?

For over a decade, costs for the program continue to rise while revenue (i.e., licensing compliance) declines.

They will forward the report to the appropriate agency for response.

NON-PROFIT AND VOLUNTEER GROUPS There are a number of non-profit agencies and volunteer groups in the county.

They will forward the report to the appropriate agency for response. If the situation requires immediate assistance from law enforcement or ambulance, please call 911. Attempt to get the owners name/address and the dog’s license number. In all cases, report the dog bite to Yamhill County Public Health (503/434-7525 x4715). KENNELS I have a kennel; will I be allowed to continue to operate one?

Otherwise, please contact the non-emergency number above. Yes, kennels will continue to be allowed under the revised County ordinance for rural County locations and contract cities. For County inspections, the county will appoint an inspector or contract with an inspector to perform annual kennel inspections within rural Yamhill County and contract cities.

Once the application for inspection and money are received, commercial kennels will be inspected.

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