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They might just be showing off for the cameras, but the parents of these children corroborate and, in some cases, even appear to encourage the goings-on.

Bedtime chats centre on who is going out with whom, and advice on dealing with broken hearts.

Even so, I am startled by the sexual precocity of the Year 6 pupils at Banwell, a primary school in north Somerset, who appear in a new documentary.

The Sex Life series is the BBC's three-part attempt to provide cool facts and hot testimony on the sex lives of the nation, drawing on trends and statistics in the newly published National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles 2000.

One boy says of James's latest girlfriend: "She lets James do what he wants to her and we all know what that is."Even the more sensible ones, such as Helena, say things like: "I will snog, but not until I'm at least 12." Harry, small enough to pass for eight, says he wants to find someone with whom he "has something in common" before he starts going out.

My nine-year-old daughter says that lower down their primary school, some of the more glamorous girls are "in love with" or "going out with" boys but she tells me they are "basically just friends" - which is reassuring, since I have no wish to become a grandmother soon."I don't want to appear worrying," says sociologist Kaye Wellings, who conducted the research on early sexual experiences for Natsal, "but parents are not privy to all their children's activities.

She was married to the French composer Michael Adam with whom she had a daughter, Miel Celeste, born in 1998.

Child's play: Banwell pupils Alice, James, Richard, Alice, Frankie and Harry seem remarkably precocious about sex. 'You don't want someone boring who won't do anything.' Even sensible Harry says he has found 'a great woman'I THOUGHT I was unshockable on the subject of children and sex.

In disturbingly ordinary scenes, 11-year-old James drops killer remarks, such as: "Tarts are nice, you don't want someone boring who won't do anything." While Alice, surrounded by the girly paraphernalia of her bedroom, observes sadly: "If you won't kiss a boy, they dump you and call you frigid."It could all be talk, but then we see the 11-year-olds on a school trip.

They arrive cuddling soft toys and clutching bags of make-up.

Most of their time then seems to be spent not playing games but dolling themselves up for dates and discussing who is going out with whom, just like teenagers.

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