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” “His idea of a first date is to go for coffee at a local bar.

Since 1991, Croatia's death rate has continuously exceeded its birth rate; the natural growth rate of the population is negative.A selection of their observations, which more than reinforced my decision: “A Dalmatian man will invite you to their weekend house but when you get there he’ll ask you to make him something to eat.“ “They behave like children to women, they actually try to find their mother in girls.” "They will always make you wear an undershirt to protect your kidneys. The best thing to do is to ask them why..don't even know." "They believe everything their grandma and mother say." "If you aren't Croatian blood, maybe just stop dating..and dida won't approve." "They wear speedos." "Nowhere could ever be home except for their home, trust me... " "They will keep you a secret as long as they possibly can." "Why is it so hard to introduce a girlfriend to the family, especially when you cannot even communicate with the family?For me it was an argument every day of why I had to be a secret after more than a year of dating.Iz krugova blikih mladićima, "" saznaje da su se oni družili sa manekenkom godinu dana i često zabavljali vikendima.Izlasci su se, navodno, najčešće svodili na nekoliko sati zabave u narodnjačkim klubovima, uz dve do tri boce žestokog alkoholnog pića, a posle su se, navodno, konzumirale i "jače stvari".

Chances are he will feel intimidated and inferior, or simply unable to keep up with your lifestyle.” “They are mostly still typically conservative 'seljaci' acting and behaving like they're still in the village” “Most of them don’t have girlfriends because even if they have some feelings for them it's more about if she looks hot and if she's 'pička' (girls with hair extensions, too much make up, prozirne tajice, Celine tshirts...) so that they can be seen with her on special occasions.” “They are not romantic or anything and the top of their activities are coffee every day and then they even don't talk to each other (because everyone is busy with their phones) and if it’s more than coffee, after a night out you’ll find a photo on Facebook the next day of them in the club with the bottle of brandy on the table.

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