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The conflict between Bianca De Sousa and Katie Matlin started during Now or Never when Katie found out about her boyfriend's past with her and suspected a reunion between the two when he protected Bianca from Vince Bell.When Bianca thought the two would become friends, it turned out that Katie was just using her to get pills for her addiction.She then goes to the hospital in the morning with Drew and Bianca to visit Adam.

Vince gets up with a gun and shoots two bullets randomly.

Katie tells Drew this is not the way she thought prom would go, and Drew asks her to dance.

While dancing, they and see Bianca and Adam dancing, making them happy.

Bianca replies by telling her about her connections and doesn't hang out with that crowd anymore. Later they go to a club and Bianca tells Katie to tone it down once Katie asks if the fake ID's will fool them.

And Bianca makes Katie show a bit more and Katie says she's sorry she didn't have slut wear and Bianca just shrugs it off with a laugh.

When they return Katie accuses Bianca of locking them in.

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