Sex chat with a girl example

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You: Here you made her curious about your text, and when you got her response, you compliment her in a very sexy way. In the previous text, you did the both things nicely. To make her laugh, you can create a joke about a certain thing which is related to her.

The follow-up conversation should be like this: Her: Whenever a girl asks who is behind this text, you should never say who you are. For an example, if you mat a girl in a bar who refused to drink Red wine then you can create a text similar to below: You: This type of text will surely make her laugh.

I'll write it from the best I can from memory*Him: I hold you close, kissing you.

I see a dribble of sperm go down your cock and my tongue flicks out and catches it.********************************************I had so much fun sex chatting with you!

Do you choke when you have to say something dirty to your boyfriend?

In one of my post If you make her laugh with a curiosity text then it will be a good start.

Well, you are probably asking what if she doesn’t know who you are. Actually, curiosity texts work much better if the receiver becomes curious about who’s behind that text. If you want to keep a girl interested in you over text then you just need to do two things.

Him: I slip my hands down your pants and grab your ass. Me: I unzip your fly and slip my hand in, grabbing your cock.

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