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In a hostel in the centre of the Armenian capital I met Stephan, a young man from Belgium who just came back from Iran.He described his trip to this country as a spectacular experience and immediately inspired me to start preparation for my visit there.On the very next day I visited all tourist agencies in Yerevan asking about possible travel to Iran, how to arrange a visa, how to get there etc.In the end I abandoned this idea, and went to Turkey instead.During this travel we encountered many positive attitudes towards foreigners, we accepted many invitations home offered by random local people who we met in the train, bus, or even on the street.Altogether, we have travelled about 12.000 km by plane, bus, train, car, motorboat, ferry and motorbike.Three weeks later I was again in South Caucasus, I came to Georgia for an Election Observation Mission conducted by OSCE.When you travel from West of Georgia to Tbilisi you may encounter such road signs: Tbilisi: 100 km, Baku: 860 km, Teheran: 1320 km. You think: Iran is just so close now, it is indeed feasible to be there….

For the entire 19 century Iran was heavily dependent on the British Empire, which colonized the country and shared benefits from its rich natural resources with Tsarist Russia.

There we took a ferry to an island located on the Persian Gulf – Qeshm.

After that we headed to Shiraz, then Isfahan, and back to Teheran.

There was always somebody willing to help us, when we were lost, who offered us a drink or just was interested in our travel.

During the trip we recorded a couple of interviews with people of different communities that we will present in our reportage video about people of Iran.

Idea In September 2013 for the first time in my life I traveled to the South Caucasus and visited Georgia and Armenia.

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