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The chat starts out pretty boring, just watch for how she gradually gets sucked in and lets her defences down.

Her: I just I never spoked with some of my sex appeal exept with my ex boyfrined, you flatter me but still I am not good in this I feel good when you say that I am pretty and good looking, you are too by the way Her: ooo my god, i am tired ok it looks like potato ilittle I must practice English because I work with people from Egypt and Tunisia, Russia …

there you go, You Know now who are you dealing with You may say something to convince me not to be paranoid Me: It’s interesting the examples you use and the way you speak.

Alot of your analysis is accurate Are you staying awake?

This further display of weakness makes the girl even more agitated I see so many relationships like this.

Totall unhappy, no natural balance Her: I deffinitaly love to talk with you I need time to read and understade and to write but I can mannage There is a book, written by one Japanies writter …

And now I probably ruined our spontaneous talking in the future but that is me. But you can still anwer with – OK on this message ( i will understand), like you did that night in Belgrade when you didn`t escape from me and many guys would couse of my unexpected behavior. They have exactly the abilities they need also, women can deputise for men when they need to.

I met her in a Belgrade nightclub by steamrolling her group and rapid escalating.You know I’m not a sociopath because you’ve seen my photos.You’ve seen how I look when I’m with my family, my nephews, my friends.Sometimes when I see you on fb I would like to speak but I stop because I do not know what to say and then it turns out I’m talking more than you do and that could look like selfishly I found that you are an introvert. She feels protected from the danger of the world, and has freedom to give her affection and love to him unfortunately, there’s lots of feminist bullshit that tries to convince women that it is bad to be feminine. But I`ll give you the answer for shure ok I agree with you in some parts…neo-feminism has ruined the relationship between women and men I am a child from a traditional family…phlegmatic, calm person and I can not exactly figure out why are you interested in me, because I can be annoying a little (like now) and my English is bad…, I even think that you laugh often when I write something wrong. Feminism tries to fool women into becoming like men And when women try to be men, they become very unhappy that’s why there are no young, pretty, happy feminists feminists are always old, ugly, and angry because they have wasted their life following a false god of Equality Her: ….. in college I studyi todays family that has totally lost its identity….. men who have a similar attitude as you, often minimize women abilities Me: women are perfectly designed for their natural role.

This is where I know the only thing between now and sex is logistics. This is typical for the Balkans attitude, it is strange to me the English have the same opinion. Women are designed to choose a man and then follow him.

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