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A decoy cop would be far less willing to accept what’s known as “the dirty handshake” than a genuine customer. Rugby Shirt nowhere, he resorts to physical intimidation.

Suddenly the of high heels hitting the pavement echoes against the empty buildings. ” one man in an oversize rugby shirt hoots at a miniskirted Asian woman. First he lopes after a busty blonde, chasing her down the sidewalk.

Hit songs like Slim Thug’s “Everybody Loves a Pimp” and “Pimpin’ All Over the World” by Ludacris and Bobby Valentino topped the rap charts.

For Daddy Cool, the wannabe invasion poses a threat to the trade of established pimps.

Potential customers get neither come-hither glances nor bold invitations; the women stare straight ahead, silent and expressionless, as they troop up and down the sidewalks of the soliciting district known as “the track.” Only when a car slows next to one of the women will she make eye contact, then talk business through an open window before getting in.

She’ll usually ask to touch the customer’s genitals to ensure he means business.

He says he was “born a pimp” and lived the pimp life for four of his adult years.The men circle the surrounding blocks and thread through parking lots, their faces obscured by the tinted windows of luxury SUVs and the grimy windshields of tired station wagons.The women are of every size and race, conspicuous in their tight jeans and short, body-hugging dresses.Lundgren, along with mortician and author Caitlin Doughty, TED speaker Jae Rhim Lee, alternative funeral home director Jeff Jorgenson, and other death professionals, founded The Order of the Good Death, promoting alternative death care and putting Seattle in the forefront of this new endeavor.Lundgren's feature length one-take film CHAT, starring Rosalie Edholm as a camgirl sex worker, was screened at the Northwest Film Forum in July, 2014, and again in September for Seattle's Local Sightings Film Festival.

Ultimately those last measures led to his imprisonment.

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