Screenupdating excel performance

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It is not unusual for properly edited recorded macros to be 20% of the size of the original, and to run 10 times faster. The code is virtually all written by hand and when I did use the macro recorder I edited the code. The results are as follows: Main PC - Overall score 3477.9 Laptop - Overall score 209.1 Thanks Alison Alison, The Performance Test score definitely confirms that your main PC is more muscular than the laptop.Does your workbook need to establish links to other workbooks on a network?If you set Calculation to xl Calculation Manual at top of each sub, then restore it to xl Calculation Automatic at the bottom, that will force a workbook recalculation at the end of each sub. Does your workbook need to establish links to other workbooks on a network? Anti-malware & anti-virus software - Microsoft Defender is used on both machines.Do you have several macros running in succession when the workbook is first used? Application settings are initially set at the beginning of the main procedure, but there are certain places within the code where a screenupdate and a recalc are required.Hi I encountered a problem when attempting to install 2010. Its specification is Windows 10 32-bit; Intel Core(TM) 2 Duo T7100 @ 1.8Ghz; 2 GB RAM; Office 2010 This takes 47 seconds to run the macro.So 2 laptops with Office 2007 and Office 2010 return almost the same timing, yet their hardware specification is inferior to my main PC which takes more than twice as long.The benchmark score is now 5130 (previously it was 3477.9) and the VBA in the Excel workbook is executed a lot faster.It is quicker than running on the laptop, but some parts of the VBA in 2016 execute slower than 2010 and therefore need to be improved.

Have you ever run Microsoft's Configuration Analysis tool Off CAT?

The only other application I have running is MS Edge.

Many thanks in anticipation Alison Hi Brad I upgraded to Office 365 and I still had a performance problem.

So there was something wrong with my PC setup before which will remain a mystery. Alison The only fair comparison would be to have Office 2007 32-bit installed on the Main PC.

If it now wins with for instance 20 seconds, it's an Office issue, not a hardware issue.

After changing these application settings to True they are changed back to False as soon as possible.

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