Scientific dating of ramayana

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Consequently the civilizations of the world naturally and simultaneously started developing near the rivers which initially started flowing due to the melting of glaciers near the Equator e.g. When populations multiplied, these river waters became insufficient.Therefore some people started travelling from south to north.I say so because I have studied the Valmiki Ramayan for many years and have done lot of research on it.Valmiki was contemporary to Rama and he wrote the history.It proves that the opinions of the Archaeological Survey are not believable. Valmiki calls it Nala Setu, so also Vyasa in the Mahabharata calls it Nala Setu. Valmiki has written in clear words that Nala erected the Setu using trees. I have already published a book in Marathi, “Vastava Ramayana”, which shows the true historicity of the Ramayana, fixing the dates of almost 50 incidents in Rama’s life.Valmiki never says that the rocks floated on water. Rama was a true historic person and Valmiki has written a true history, though he used the form of poetry. Today it is proved that the sea is shallow, proving the Ramayana as true history. Nobody should oppose it and obstruct the national benefit.

The Ramayana is a true history, therefore Valimiki has given 73 ancestors of Rama and recorded which Prince married which princess.For example, Tarzan and Sherlock Homes are not at all referred to by other authors.The generators of those characters have not mentioned even the father and mother of their heroes. Seeta is referred to again and again, place to place, even in Lanka, which is at least 1500 miles away from the residence of Rama and Valmiki. Sugreeve told them to search for Seeta to the end of the east, which is demarcated by a golden, three branched, Tala tree, which shines from the top to bottom, carved on Uday Mountain.But now existence of dinosaurs is well proved near Ahemedabad.Archaeologists did not approve my date of 5561 BC for the Mahabharata and 7323 BC for the Ramayana.

On the contrary he states that big rocks were cut with machines and thrown in to the sea, which sank and on that foundation a Setu of wood was built.

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