Scary intimidating songs absolute and relitive dating

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I thought the the band was evil and they were living in my basement (I'm dead serious). After listening to this song, I'm now starting to think how messed up our childhoods were back then. - ROOOAARIMAPOTATO Sounds like the entrance to hell. Dead Skin Mask - Slayer This song is based on the real life story of body snatcher Ed Gein.

Gein would always go to graveyards and dig up the dead bodies of people so that he can use their skin and bones as decorations for his house.

HOLY-- I couldn't sleep without a light for a week! The freakiest thing is that this is the Beatles, not Korn, Oceano, or any thrash metal band. I don't even thing it's considered a song, I thing it's just noise, white noise. And, if you look it up, this song has MORE lyrics than "Number 9, number 9, number 9". But, if you listen to it backwards, is where the "Paul is Dead" theory is put in a little. -_- - Conor Dooley A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold Than scared the yellow jeans out of me Revolution 9 is just a bunch of creepy white noise but it isn't necessarily scary. The way the guy sings doesn't help either, it hardly makes it scary. If this doesn't scare you I don't think anything will! You can't make a guitar sound more scary than this. Even rab halford praises the song saying it's the most evil song ever written, if you think this is not the scariest song then actually you don't get the lyrics into your head - amitcornelius1 How is this so far down.

Gein was also the inspiration for the norman bates, buffalo bill, and leatherface.

I love this song, but I definitely will admit that those moans of suffering at the end were pretty damn freaky! Dance with the Devil - Immortal Technique It is about a teenager named billy, who gives up on his life to join a gang, sell and do drugs, and commit other crimes.

I'm not the biggest rap fan but this song is horrifying The ultimate fall from grace And a warning to beware evil.

Its all fun and games until you are staring into the eyes of a loved one Scariest song in the world...

it is scary as hell Baby - Justin Bieber This is the scariest thing ever just watch it or don't you'll have to have sleep with the lights on nightmares for life from this agh help me. But instead focuses on Child Abuse rather than Domestic Abuse.

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