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There’s no indication that’s what he was going for, though. Rachel Held Evans wrote an excellent piece about satire, and I think it partly explains why John Crist’s piece came across as so offensive to many readers (men and women, actually): Satire only works when its most stinging indictments are directed toward the powerful.This is why attempts at satire fall on their face when they make the weak their target.The first part was in fact poked fun at a digital relationship he’d been in, and it made me laugh.When we got to his list about ‘girls’ (I think the word he is looking for is woman; i believe he’s too old to date a minor), well, that’s when it went south.Not to mention it could have been an actual manifesto.He does briefly address men, but mostly he talks about why women’s – er, girls – online presences do frequently make them look undatable – as though twitter or Instagram – and life in general – should be more about prospective suitors than communicating with friends.I’m sure ya’ll dudes have your problems too, and I am willing to listen to them.

My brothers would pick on me, get in my face, and call me a retard, and when i got mad they would ask ‘are you on your period?For example, the writers at The Onion are usually great at satire, but they blew it with the Quvenzhané Wallis tweet, because it just doesn’t work when the subject of a c-word joke is a nine-year-old girl.Same goes for Daniel Tosh, who is a funny guy and all, but who probably should avoid making jokes about rape.It does nothing but put more expectations on women and assert men’s view over women.This isn’t a subject where a man should poke fun at a woman, it’s a place where a man should listen. When I dress, I have to worry, will I look too ‘frumpy/too modest’, or will I look like a ‘slut/inviting men to lust’?

I used to throw away clothes that flattered my figured because i had read and heard enough to know that if i got raped, it would be blamed on me.

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