Sagittarius dating sagittarius compatibility

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The Archer may pitch in a bit of wise jokes and Capricorn (a sign exuding maturity and wisdom) is likely reserved and serious.

Sagittarius and Capricorn tend to give an impression of intellectual depth.

They both require a partner with a sharp mind in order to discuss ideas and bounce ideas off of one another.

Both signs are open-minded to a degree and bring an ability to see societal structures, parallels and formations.

Sagittarius is a natural comedian much of the time but still might not quite comprehend the Goat’s sense of humor.

The Archer might not find the Goat’s jokes to be all that funny at first.

Capricorns like to mingle in familiarity and usually possess a rather polished public persona. However, both signs tend to be rather upfront regarding sex and would be capable of determining where the connection is going.

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