Ryan lochte dating caroline burckle

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However, Caroline herself is no slouch in the pool, earning herself a bronze medal at the Olympic Games.If you like “Not So PG” photos of the shredded nature, you’ll appreciate the Instagram photo above of the 31 year old.However, the Aussie has quite the track record as a swimmer winning various medals. 2012 was a pretty decent year for Ryan as it’s said he also dated this beautiful swimmer.Seriously the model above and a swimmer in the same year, this guy’s got some skill with the ladies that’s for darn sure.

We have reason to believe Culpo was not one of the females Lochte met via ....

Athletes really aren’t that complicated when it comes to finding love.

Looking at Ryan and Michael Phelps’ past track records, their resumes are nearly the same in terms of chicks they took a liking to.

👍🏼😜 Check out the positive message in the video link, in bio above.

#keepitreal #truthbomb #photoshoot #monday #mondaymotivation #ownit #athlete #buzzfeed A post shared by CAROLINE BURCKLE (@caroburckle) on We add another swimmer to Lochte’s resume, seems like he and Michael Phelps enjoyed exploring females in their domain, which seriously isn’t that shocking and something that happens more times than not.

She added to that list with an alleged hookup in March of 2013 to none another than, you guessed it, Ryan Lotche.

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