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Tags: abs, body, cosmo, cosmo uk, fashion smashion, gifs, jennifer lopez, march 2015, march issue, naked, naked and famous, ryan guzman, skin Nobody likes to be labeled something they're not!

But Jennifer Lopez feels like that's happened to her a LOT when it comes to her love life.

So how exactly is Jussie prepping for Season Two of his hit FOX musical drama??

While Miz Jenner teased us with a pic announcing Stormi's name, this is the first time we're seeing the cute bebe in all her infant glory! Ch-ch-check out the adorable little girl (below)!!!

It was the best learning experience you could have as a new dancer.”It differs. It’s the very, very first concept video I’ve ever done.

I haven’t done choreography since the shooting of Step Up and the promo of Step Up, but I’m still training right now. It’s right up there with my fighting, my MMA, because it’s such a good workout and you’re just learning your body a lot more.

I wanted to give everything I possibly could to the movie, so I ended up showing what I had learned to the director and producers and they ended up making the end result, just using me and not using a dance double whatsoever in the movie.

I don’t think there’s time to actually think, “Oh, this is my role to get.” My audition process was a lot longer than a lot of other people’s — it was nine, ten auditions, a month-and-a-half long process. And not only am I being an actor, I’m thrust into the lead role of this huge franchise.

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