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‘I didn’t want him to feel like I was an emotional vampire,’ he says, ‘and I didn’t want to be Jeremy Paxman, but I did have to understand him as a person.He found it very hard to talk about the more harrowing aspects of his life, so I had to try to skirt those while allowing him to say what he wanted to say.’ Lewis also introduced Friend to a south London gym to get him into shape, physically and psychologically, for the film’s scenes of illicit street fighting.The casting director plucked Friend off the stage for his first film role, appearing opposite Johnny Depp in The Libertine.He went on to play a Nazi guard in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Prince Albert in The Young Victoria and Michelle Pfeiffer’s youthful lover in Chéri.‘The wrong haircut, the wrong shirt, the wrong glasses, all of which were true.’ He deflects the question. They developed it from an exercise they did about clowns – the Continental, existential sort rather than the ones with red noses and revolving bow ties. His thing was futile rage at his ineptitude and mine…‘It’s actually about showing your fundamental truest self,’ Friend says. mine was sort of plaintive hopelessness.’ He looks at me ironically and laughs.Rupert Friend is currently engaged to Aimee Mullins. At this point I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I would expect it from some of these desperate women these days but a man?He has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 4.1 years each. Age: 36 (10/1/1981)Occupation: Entertainment - Actor Most Famous For: Pride & Prejudice "You would think the next man that came in my life would want to treat me better, especially after knowing about my past relationship. I would never want his wife to watch what I'm watching right now!! I made some stupid, idiotic & impulsive decisions & I own that.

But fans expecting a reunion between the pair are in for a shock, after it was revealed that Carrie is getting a new love interest in the form of German actor Alexander Fehling after having exiled herself to Berlin.

In Brooklyn he was pummeled ‘like a piñata’ by the two brothers who ran the gym, and he spent hours running up and down stairs carrying tractor tyres.

He relished this initiation into a new, frightening craft.

She shared that their ceremony took place on a “gorgeous rainy day,” causing the location to be changed from outdoors in a field to a “magical hobbit-y compost shed.” “Our kind of magical day,” she wrote.

Friend and Mullins announced their engagement news at L’Or al Paris’s Women of Worth awards in December 2014. She was also named one of PEOPLE’s “Most Beautiful” in 1999.

‘It was quite a rough local comprehensive, the sort of school that takes kids that every other school has kicked out three times. Emily Blunt, his co-star in The Young Victoria, describes Friend as the ‘definition of a real man’. The fact that it was alive and that each piece is different.’ He loves to cook, but in a dashing, devil-may-care way: ‘I’ve never got on with recipes. ’ Friend tries to watch every film he can get his hands on. If you’re ashamed or bored by it at the beginning it’s going to be a pretty nightmarish thing.’ The week after The Kid is released, a short film written by and starring Friend and Tom Mison, one of his pals from drama school, will make its debut on i Tunes.

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