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Dr Jonathan Ormerod and Dr Sarah Chatwin's first patient of the day is Ella, a young woman in her twenties, who's fainted and been brought to A&E by concerned fiancé Stan.

Ormerod and Chatwin are concerned when they discover she's recently undergone breast enhancement surgery in Poland.

Eventually they find a pulse and move him to intensive care.She is more concerned her wedding dress won't fit if her bust size is reduced.The operation is successful, but Surgical Registrar Pamela is frustrated when Woods agrees to let her close the wound, but then takes over himself.On her way she discovers Phil ransacking the drugs cabinets.She tries to placate him and asks him to leave but the angry thug attacks Lesley with a knife, leaving her seriously wounded on the ground.

Meanwhile, Lesley is doing the rounds with Heather when they hear raucous noise coming from Keeley's cubicle.

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