Row updating in grid view

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On my web form I have a gridview and I allow the user to edit a row but clicking a button above the grid.

The Edit button takes them to a edit page with the details of the selected row.

What I think I did was catch both the events on the listbox and the datagrid and did some check of the actual object that passed in, to determine whether it was a row or details section that was clicked on. My Row Details Template is somewhat complex as it is a whole input form. You could probably hook an entire View/View Model combo and this solution would still work.

Hope that points you in the right direction Hello Mark, Are you double clicking on the row details or single clicking? I'll be trying that later today as a matter of fact.

When they click 'save' on the Edit page it takes them back to the page.

I thought about taking a similar approach to using Preview Mouse Down, but I have so many controls on this particular setup that wiring all the events in XAML would be painful.

When they click 'save' on the Edit page it takes them back to the page.

You will have to store the selected index, so that when they click save, and go back to the page you can reset the Index Value.

Developers prefer manually coding but editable gridview is good way to update database. I am submitting all process to step by step first fill then create bool function and go to assemble row editing & updating Event.

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Please note this event will be raised every time you double click on a row or anywhere in its related details.

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