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If you haven’t developed these skills, then not only will it be tough to make your current relationship successful, but you’ll have a hard time making future ones work as well.

So the issue is whether your relationship has the potential to become what you want it to be. Are there enough positives about the relationship to justify the effort required to maintain and strengthen it? Are both you and your partner willing to put in the work necessary to develop and improve your relationship? Will you both be patient and giving with each other as you work through the issues?

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself: 1.

Have you become aware of substantial character flaws or red flags that signal that your significant other isn’t capable of being relied on as a true partner? Are you not being treated like you know you should be? Do you feel like your needs aren’t being met, even when you explicitly express them?

He or she may need to get healthy as an individual before an intimate relationship is even a possibility.

But regardless of the reason, if your partner isn’t able or willing to offer the care, support, respect and happiness you deserve, then that means it’s time for you to move on.

And the way you create and build upon that foundation is to develop fundamental relationship skills.

You may determine that your partner is actually the kind of companion you want to continue to share your life with but you might determine just the opposite.But as anyone who’s been in a successful long-term relationship will tell you, those feelings of excitement come and go.What creates a deeper, more fulfilling relationship is a willingness to work hard to create a strong foundation, and then to build on it so that you experience a loving connection that’s much deeper than those early feelings of excitement.Time to Move On -Together You two may just be going through some growing pains as your relationship matures and you get to know each other and discover new ways of relating together.Or maybe certain life circumstances are impacting you; after all, stress can shake up even the best of relationships.

When you’re in a spot like this, you basically need to confront two main possibilities.

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