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2010) and convolves them with two Gaussian line-of-sight velocity distributions (LOSVDs) with different radial velocities and the same velocity dispersion σ.This assumption is in agreement with the findings by Vergani et al. Results are confirmed if two different velocity dispersions are considered, although the velocity fields and maps of stellar population properties appear more noisy due to the additional degree of freedom that increases the degeneracy between measured parameters.The fraction of lenticular galaxies with a counter-rotating gaseous disc is consistent with the 50 per cent that we expect if all the gas in S0 galaxies is of external origin (Bertola, Buson & Zeilinger 1992).In contrast, less than 10 per cent of them host a detectable fraction of counter-rotating stars (Kuijken, Fisher & Merrifield 1996).This ensured us to minimize the contamination of the kinematic and stellar-population properties to be measured from spectra obtained in regions where stellar counter rotation was detected and chemical decoupling is expected (Vergani et al. In total, we have 130 spatial bins few arcseconds square large.We tested the robustness of our results using different binning schemes.

They are both counter rotating with respect the main stellar body of the galaxy.In this work, we will address the crucial piece of information which is still missing, i.e.proving that the stellar population of the counter-rotating disc of NGC 5719 is younger with respect to that of the stars in the galaxy main disc.Counter-rotating gaseous discs in spirals are formed only from the retrograde acquisition of amounts of gas larger than the pre-existing gas content. Counter-rotating stellar discs are produced by subsequent star formation.This is the case of the purely gaseous counter-rotating components detected in NGC 3626 (Ciri, Bettoni & Galletta 1995; García-Burillo, Sempere & Bettoni 1998) and NGC 4826 (Braun et al. Therefore, in this scenario counter-rotating stellar discs are expected to be made by younger stars than those of their host galaxy.

In order to increase the signal to noise ratio (S/N), spectra from fibres mapping adjacent regions in the sky were added together using the Voronoi binning method (Cappellari & Copin 2003).

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