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Thursday, the 45-year-old actress nonchalantly announced that she and husband Ron Livingston have adopted for the second time."She just turned 1," the actress said of Esperanza Mae."She's been with us for a year."Sharing a picture of her little girl, De Witt added, "We call her Za Za.She's a little sweetheart." Esperanza Mae joins 3-year-old sister Gracie James, whom the couple adopted in April 2013."They're happy," the mom of two said.’ He was like, ‘Yeah.’ ” That led to a scene that took a whopping four hours to shoot, and had De Witt calling Livingston afterward – a bit sheepishly. He knows from doing it himself that it’s not fun.” ], so … “I said, ‘I know you read the treatment, and it said I didn’t make out with Orlando Bloom, but all of a sudden I did, so ‘ ” she says. Usually, we both read the script and we know what’s there, but that was a surprise.” A pleasant surprise, or no?

“It was [director] Joe [Swanberg] who said, on the first day of shooting, ‘Now, I want you guys to, like, just really get in there,’ ” De Witt, 43, told PEOPLE Thursday at the film’s Los Angeles premiere. ’ He was like, ‘I want you to get into it.’ I was like, ‘Like make out?! [Kissing scenes] are so awkward, and it makes you feel so crazy and weird.

But when that other person is Orlando Bloom, does that make it better or worse?

Rosemarie De Witt, who’s been happily married to fellow actor Ron Livingston since 2009, found herself in that position while filming .

"He looks kind of like a Ken doll, and they're going to give him a sweatshirt.

She'll get her own pretend Levi," the actress said.

She is an average tall woman with the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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